Zootopia. And Dreams CAN Come True.

My husband and I are going to see Zootopia tonight.

Reviews are continuing to come in positive, and I have watched this film unfold for the last few years, and have gotten super stoked about it!

Let me tell you a really cool story.

Once upon a time, there was this young man, an artist, who loved animation and had a dream of working for Disney. Right after college graduation, he moved to Orlando, Florida with no job, and only a dream.

Well, he got a job in the Disney parks, and from there, worked his way into the animation department, and worked on several films, including Lilo and Stitch, co-directed Bolt, Tangled and now Zootopia.

He moved with his best friend, partner-in-crime, spouse-creature (my words), who gave him all the love and support he needed to continue reaching for his dream.

That was somewhere about 27 years ago. (You can hear him talk about it in this short clip of an interview here.)

He lives in L.A. now, in a beautiful house, with his spouse (same one) and kitty family, good friends, and successful career creating magic and joy for the rest of us.

This story is not a fairytale, but could be. It provides hope, happy endings, with a full cast of characters overcoming obstacles, defying the odds, and never giving up.

It is inspiring. And I think of it any time someone tells anyone else, “That’s a pipe dream” or “You aren’t being realistic.”

And it has a personal component for me. (Yes, I’m gonna name-drop. Deal with it. I’m so proud of Byron, I am not going to shut up about it.)

I went to college with Byron, and he was one of the people that introduced me to a way of thinking and philosophy of belief, and positive thinking and manifesting that I still carry to this day. I could say that knowing Byron was a big influence on my own career direction, because it led me to understanding consciousness in a new way that I apply to my work with babies.

After my friends graduated and moved, I traveled to Orlando for a month to visit (even got a state I.D. to get a discount into the parks and Paradise Island!) I was there when Byron got his job in the park. Then I lost touch with them after I married and had a kid. Back before FB it was harder to keep in touch long-distance….but because of FB I was able to reconnect with both of them several years ago.


Every time Byron directs another film, I get giddy and wildly supportive.

Because it means, for all of us, that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Anything is possible.

It’s a message to believe in yourself, your dreams and your abilities.

Fairytales can be true.


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  1. Hey, Dylan! I just got home from the theater where my 15-year-old granddaughter and I saw Zootopia. If it’s a Fairie Tale, then I believe in Fairie Tales. We saw it in 3D with the glasses and everything. What a beautiful movie!!!

    1. Fantastic! Yeah, it’s an important film. Byron and the writer were ON POINT with this one, and the timing of it. <3

  2. I just watched this with all the girls last night and it turned out this movie was what we needed to see as a family.

      1. Yea so not going to happen. LOL We still have “Let it Go” ongoing in this house full of girls. LOL!!!! Oh man I can’t help but laugh. 🙂

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