WholeHearted Parenting Class

Have you ever joked about how there needs to be a parenting 101 class before people are allowed to have kids?

I have, but the problem is, we don’t know we need one until we’re well into parenting and feeling flattened and humbled by the job!

How can these little human beings be so infuriating and so lovable all at the same time?

And how is it we can be emotionally stable, productive adults until they find that one button to push (or three, or twelve…!) and we come unglued?

I know you want answers, and some how-to’s…but are you tired of googling and reading books and articles and wondering what to trust or how to adapt the information to fit YOUR UNIQUE FAMILY?

Join me for a weekly class to learn about some key ingredients to make your parenthood go smoother, infuse your days with more joy, and have greater understanding about this whole “raising humans” thing.

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn:
– key strategies to transform conflict into connection
– 3 different ways to support your child emotionally
– what is missing in today’s modern world that is affecting our children’s development, and how to include it
– how to differentiate your own emotional baggage from your kids’ needs
– how to set boundaries with your children – and how to keep them
– when to deliver consequences, and why
– how to avoid using punishment while guiding your children to become respectful, kind and disciplined members of society

This is NOT a class where you will be told what is the best parenting method, or what choices you should make for your family.

This IS a class where you will learn how to self-reflect, be challenged, and learn about brain development (yours and your child’s!) and how to apply that knowledge is authentic ways that you can carry into each developmental phase.

This is not like any book you have read, and with the added benefit of face-to-face support, inclusion of your needs, questions, celebrations and concerns, you will also be able to be part of a growing community of diverse parents, ready to end the “mommy wars” and bring up a healthy, mindful generation of people.

FEE: $150 for a two-hour class for four weeks, limited to four spots! Time and date will be negotiated among the members of the group.

You will have the option of joining the ongoing support group for $100/month to put the ideas you learn into practice (and as you face every new developmental phase, this will be handy!) and continue gaining insights and feedback on your parenting journey.

To find out more, get on the list to receive updates here.

Or if you know you want to join, just contact me using the form below!