What’s Going On In My House

There are some fantastic things happening in my life!

First, I’m back at CrossFit after some time away. You can find THAT particular story here. I’m happy to be back. It’s only been one day after being gone for a few months, and tomorrow my abs will be screaming at me. Perhaps my quads and calves too. But working out at home is not for me. Maybe sometimes. But not consistently.

Also, have you gotten your copy of Kid Connect Magazine? I have my very first ad in there. Very exciting and I have room for more of you looking for support and guidance as parents, and help for your kids who may be struggling in ways you can’t resolve on your own.

Next, my sweetie, Rob, and his friend Mike, have started a project. It began with Rob deciding on January 1, that he was going to post at least one photo a day to instagram, and share it to Facebook. Then Mike jumped into it by committing to write a haiku for every photo posted. Thus began what has become Snap575. And you can go find their Facebook page and like it to follow along! You may catch glimpses of me, like this photo here:


But mostly it’ll be interesting shots from around the valley, along with a haiku. It’s fun. And it means that now about 64.5% of the time I have a camera pointed at me, and the rest of the time, when he’s not eating or sleeping, Rob has his fancy new camera pointed at any number of interesting things. I gotta say it’s truly fun to see him so excited about this. He has an eye for unique and balanced and interesting photos.

Finally, I’ve made the decision to get purple in my hair again. After growing it out to its natural gray, I’m loving the streaks and patterns. And I miss my purple. So that’s happening next week.

Spring has sprung! There are wee baby chicks and ducklings at the Ag Supply Store, crocuses in my front yard, and I wore pale pink to work today!

What are you getting ready for? What are the changes happening in your world?

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