Welcome to my new website!

I have an updated theme, and some new content!

I’ve been learning from a fantastic business program: Marie Forleo’s B-School.

I’ve only done the first module, and the pre-start bonuses and have learned SO MUCH already. I’m amazed and excited about what the next seven weeks will bring.

One of my GIANT, HUGE, GARGANTUAN insights is that I need to find a way to PROVIDE the kind of play opportunities to young people that I am so passionate about.

Reading Free To Learn by Peter Gray more recently, and Last Child In The Woods several years ago has renewed my commitment to getting children to play outside and connect with nature. And to help their parents understand why it’s so important.

Our busy culture, complete with our beloved smartphones, video games, streaming programs, and social media, in addition to a general feeling of threat to us and our kids around every street corner, creates less and less opportunities, willingness and ability to have that childhood that many of us in our late 30’s and up remember.

Don’t get me wrong – I know today’s modern world is here to stay and I’m not advocating for tossing the phones in the trash (heck no, I love my iPhone!) But we DO need to pay attention to the ways our kids are learning, and behaving. They are telling us something.

So this business school I’m involved in has already helped me to see the direction I want to go with my practice. And it isn’t membership. Well, not yet anyway, and maybe not ever. For now, I had a stroke of insight that led me to develop an idea to provide outdoor workshops for young people, and “play training” for parents of the little kids, beginningbaby with bubbles with two talks hosted by the Wenatchee Moms group, at the Wenatchee Library, March 28 at 11am and April 1 at 3:30pm.

So browse around the site, and see what you find. It’s cleaner, with brighter and clearer images, and a personal, uncluttered feel to it.

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