The Dream of Off-Grid

As I hear information about conspiracies that support Monsanto, wanting GMOs to be all over the world, where corporate minds and intentions are the ones making decisions about how we live and what we put in our mouths, I think about how I am so grateful I followed my gut and spent my mom’s inheritance on a down-payment for acreage up north. I think corporations are changing the way food is made, which affects our health. There are too many diseases that are rampant in our society and I really believe we can only win by prevention and living a life that honors simple living.

I am looking at a period of time when I am going to be quite strapped for cash unless I attract clients in a hurry – which is possible but not likely according to most marketing experts. During the times when I feel my body tighten and I worry about money, about the new tires I need in spring…about the plumbing issues I am clearly having (as I mop up my bathroom floor with towels from a leak that apparently is in the wall behind the toilet)…about paying the pool services guys to open the pool in late spring…I worry and wonder if it was a great idea for me to take on a debt for land that I haven’t even visited since August until yesterday.

But gazing at the 21+ acres that I am a steward of, I see so many possibilities. I have land to grow food, to raise animals for food, to live in an area that could support sustainable living. All the ideas of how to live off-grid and by my own means comes flooding in. Catchment system. Solar panels. Goats and chickens. Garden. Fruit trees. Sandbag house. Vehicles powered by ecofriendly fuels and a passive income off the internet by selling products as well as clients over the phone…

My 21+ acres I've named Lupine Creek, Tonasket, WA

So much is possible. And I have this land up there (which is gorgeous in winter, by the way).

And I am not afraid of what might happen in the world. I will be okay even if I have a steep learning curve.

So today, I begin to teach myself some things. Simple things at first. My biggest challenge is to change my internal conditioning and habits. I need to plan my meals, take the time to prepare good whole foods and gradually eliminate the refined nasties.

So right now I have acorn squash and sweet potatoes baking that will turn into a lovely (I hope) soup. It makes sense to me to learn how to use squashes in meals in a variety of ways. They grow easily and keep very well into the winter. I need to learn how to can veggies and fruits. I need to make more effort to learn how to garden and grow my own food.

Bit by bit. Because I am also learning to effectively market myself.

So far this year I have the motivation to live life on my terms. Baby steps, Self. Baby steps.

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  1. Wow! Have you read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingslover? It is totally about what you are talking about.

    I can fruit. I will let you know when in Aug (peaches) and Sept (pears)!

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