Taking Stock: A Decade In Review

A dear friend of mine celebrates her sober anniversary today, and in this blog post, takes a look at what she’s accomplished in the last ten years. I don’t have a “sober anniversary” but I liked the idea about taking stock of the last decade, celebrating what I’ve accomplished, how I’ve grown, and even what I’ve endured and come through.

So, what I’ve done in the last ten years:

  • Received my masters degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Prenatal and Perinatal Psych
  • Moved six times
  • Welcomed my Newfoundland, Morgan, into my life
  • Grieved the death of my nephew
  • Got married and divorced a second time
  • Started a private practice, twice
  • Got my daughter through several schools/modes of learning and into a high school that she is happy and thriving in
  • Discovered yoga for myself, and have taken up running
  • Lost nearly 40 pounds (after gaining 25)
  • Got two tattoos and chose to purple streak my hair
  • Helped my mother transition from independence to death with love and grace
  • Taken on homeownership
  • Bought 21+ acres of land
  • Made new friends that I’d be lost without
And like my friend said, I’m sure there’s more. But for right now, I’m good.

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