Sweeping the Path

I am on a path.

My life’s path. I have goals and places I want to get to. I have an idea of how I want to experience my journey. What gifts I want to receive and what I want to offer.

Of course, all journeys come with the challenges of the unexpected. But those challenges and celebrations are simply part of the character of each particular path.

I’ve been off of Facebook for more than a week. Honestly, I don’t know off the top of my head when I deactivated my account, it feels like much more than a week. Time slows when its not time stamped by hundreds of status updates and comment notifications. I have taken my dog for longer and more frequent walks, I have spoken on the phone to friends I don’t usually actually TALK to, and had real chats online with people I normally only interact with through status updates. I have relaxed. Slowed down.

There is more to examine than my online activity however. In this article about editing your life the author provides some guidelines for this kind of examination, to review your commitments and edit out those that are not in alignment with your priorities and what’s important to you.

I call it “Sweeping the path.” On my path of life, there may be leaves blown on, rocks or sticks, or potholes that make the journey slower (because of needing to go around or deal with the obstacles) and clearing the path of debris helps to clear the way, helps to see next steps and avoid stumbles.

I won’t write down here my list of commitments that I  currently keep, as the author of that blog post suggests. I haven’t even done that yet, actually. I am very resistant to making commitments so I suspect there won’t be many to edit out. I’ll let you know.  But I can share some ways that I am making further changes that will be more in line with what’s important to me.

1. I am starting a clease/semi fast/diet program to lose the weight I’ve gained in the last decade, detox my system, interrupt my habits and patterns of unhealthy eating I’ve developed, and reset my metabolism. My intention is to move past the cravings and eating patterns I’ve developed in the last ten years (specifically the last five) and be able to eat the way I know how to: Whole organic foods and no dairy or gluten. It is not easy to eat the way that feels best to me. Simply, and well and with conscience. Where I live it is not easy to get the whole, organic foods. Many of the friends I surround myself with do not eat the way I like to, so I have to brace myself for “being different” and not participating in the same way at barbeques and parties. I have to be willing to say no to offers of dinner being made for me when they are made with foods I choose not to eat. This will not be easy. I am not expecting to be 100% eating clean this way – that would be a set up for failure – but I do want to make it a priority. To do that, I feel it necessary to have a somewhat intense period of interrupting what I have taught myself to do. What has become “normal.”  And if I lose the weight I gained during this decade of stress, great. If I keep it off with the support of my new/old healthy eating patterns and choices, even better. But I need to declutter my internal self now. Clean my body. Declutter my menu. It’s time.

2. I am beginning to learn to garden. I am doing this in my head so far. The season is ready for turning over the dirt and preparing for seeds and starts, but my hand is not able to grip, pinch or put weight on. So I will plan. Learning, every so slowly, to grow my own food. Having time to work the garden. Making that time a priority in my day.

3. I want to spend more time traveling by foot or bicycle. To conserve fuel, to use my own power to get places, and to spend more time with my dog, Morgan.

One foot in front of the other, and sweeping the path I am walking.



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