YES! I would love come talk to your group, or class, day care, school…anyone that helps care for children!

Here are some of the beliefs I hold, and what I love to talk about, teach and explain:

  • I believe that parents do not get enough support, and are judged unfairly too often.
  • I believe in unsupervised and minimally supervised play.
  • I believe our kids are far more capable than our culture gives them credit for.
  • I believe parents should have choices to raise their kids in the healthy way that feels right to them, and should not have to worry that authorities will reprimand them if they do.
  • I believe in play. For adults, for kids, and for both together.
  • I believe it takes a village and the more folks we can get on the same page to help, the better off our kids will be.
  • I believe trauma can be hidden, or obvious, and it impacts all aspects of development. If we understand that, we can approach learning, play, and relationship in new ways that facilitate healthy connection and emotional well-being.

And I am enthusiastic to come tell you all about ways to connect and grow positively with your children!

Please contact me with questions you have!