Something Yellow (for March 7)

Ah, dang it. I took the picture yesterday but didn’t get to posting yesterday’s post.

Well here it is. Something yellow.

Chick was one of my mom’s stuffies. She had several of them on her bed and Morgan loved them. She chose to play a game with my mom where she would take the chick and hide it somewhere in the house. My mom would find it, lightly and lovingly scold Morgan, and return it to her bed. Over time the hidden places became more complex. UNDER the dirty laundry in the laundry room was one. And once my mom couldn’t find the chick so told Morgan, “Find Chick!” and Morgan left the room, and was back a few minutes later and put the chick back on my mom’s bed.

Morgan has played with this stuffie for three years, and it hasn’t been ripped up once. She’s very gentle.

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