Something That Makes Me Smile (For March 2nd)

Day 2 of a Month Of March photojournal.

Yup. These are my yoga frogs. They don’t usually share a table but for the purposes of this photo I moved one over to the other’s table. And I decided not to move my Irish Death Coasters because clearly its good to have Balance.

I purchased my yoga frogs from Pier 1 when I was redecorating, living in the thrill of having my own house even though it was because my mom passed away and I had the rights to it now. Sidra and I were shopping for curtains I think and saw these guys. I didn’t buy them on the spot, because we were being Smart with our Money and not getting things Impulsively. Later that week, after neither of us could stop thinking that those quirky, peaceful amphibs needed a home with us I went back to find them on clearance.

They’ve been happily gracing my living room since, collecting dust sometimes, getting Nerf gun bullets in their laps other times, and yet they remain serene and dedicated to their goal of enlightenment. All the while making me smile because they are who they are.

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