Something I am Grateful For (for March 4)

Day 4 of the Month of March photojournal

Rather than waxing poetic about all the things in my life I feel blessed with and that I am grateful for, I’ll post a simple gratitude I am very conscious of today.

Part of why I’m posting all these posts in one day was because my computer was failing to charge and for about four days I had no laptop. Well, I did, but every time I’d use it – efficiently and for as brief a period of time as possible – the charge would be creeping ever closer to 0%. I stopped opening it up altogether when it got to the red line on the little battery icon thing, determined not to kill my mac.

Yesterday, Rob and I took a day trip to Seattle, and one of the things we did was take my silver baby to the Apple Store. I explained that even with a new charger it still wasn’t charging and the guy confirmed that the receptor port was in need of replacement. It would be $56. And he could have it done in 24 hrs. I was thrilled with the $56 part, as I had fears of an amount of money far to far out of my reach. But the “24 hour” part was a little disconcerting as I live 3 hours away. “Um…I live in Wenatchee.” I said.

“Oh. That IS a problem.” He said.

“Yeah. There are no Apple Stores there. Hardly any APPLES.” I had meant to say MACS, but they way it came out was pretty funny considering this is the “Apple Capitol of the World” (Side note, when I was shopping with my friend Violet in NYC a few years ago at her co-op that she writes about so often, I found apples with the Washington sticker from Stemilt growers on them. Stemilt is not far from my house. COOL.)
ANYWAY….he went back in the back of the store behind a big silver door to talk to the Powers That Be and came back a few moments later saying it was slow so they could have it done in two hours.

And so we went out to lunch at Red Robin and then went BACK to the mall (omg. The PARKING!!! I am so glad I don’t live in Seattle anymore.) and got my beautiful, shiny macbook pro. And they had cleaned it so it looked brand-spankin’ new!

So today, after getting home from work and after a day on the charger, I am grateful that I have a working laptop again so I can be connected to my world of friends. And my photos.

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