Sifting Through It All

A few days before deactivating my facebook account a friend shared a link on his wall about ways to simplify your life.

Its a long list (although the author does have a short version) and I had been thinking about it for a few days.

In the long list given, the first thing the author suggests is determining the 4 or 5 most important things:

Make a list of your top 4-5 important things. What’s most important to you? What do you value most? What 4-5 things do you most want to do in your life? Simplifying starts with these priorities, as you are trying to make room in your life so you have more time for these things.

Sounds good.

Except deciding what are the 4 or 5 most important things to me is not easy.

Off the top of my head my most important things are:

My daughter.  But wait…is my daughter a THING? Obviously she’s the most important person in my life…but I’m not sure if people count in this list. Being available for her, and guiding her well is one of the most important things, so perhaps having time and money to be able to do that?  And what about my family? And my best friends? I want to nurture those relationships too. Connection, real, honest, connection between hearts. Ok…I’ll go with that:

1. Deep Connection with those I love, and who love me, including nurturing, support, giving/receiving, and play.

My pets. Again, not sure if another being counts as a thing, but I do own my dog and my cat and my guinea pig, and caring for them and receiving their appreciation and love is one of my most important things. So:

2. Caring for and enjoying Morgan, Marshall and Xander.

3. Being connected with the natural world. Easy. Although I haven’t done it as a top priority much in the last years. I haven’t gone camping in several years, and only one or two short day hikes. I need to make it a priority to be in the woods, at the ocean, up at Lupine Creek, on the water paddling, even riding the bicycle through the park. Figuring out when to do the bigger trips and being able to afford those will be a priority, and trying to do the smaller, more accessible activities daily and seasonally. I wonder if I’ll find more time now that I’m not getting sucked dry by Facebook?

4. Healthy, natural living. It has been a passion and interest of mine to research and engage in healthy food options,  natural options for home and healing and medical care. I feel natural living is better for me, and better for the planet. My conscience feels cleaner when I choose options that leave a smaller footprint on the planet. And for my food choices my motto is “if you mess with nature, nature’s gonna mess with you.” I recently stopped eating meat, and want to stop with dairy as well but that is proving harder to do without more planning and cooking. Again, now without facebook, I wonder if I will have more time to eat the way I want to. Another goal is to exercise more often, either outside or at the gym.

5. My career as a healer. How I give to the world is very important to me. How I serve, how I help. I have been neglecting the gifts I can offer: Energy healing, counseling/therapy, doula services. Although I am getting the doula practice going again, I am aware that Energy Psychology, personal growth and healing are ways I very much want and need to offer. My goals are to complete the Energy Psych certification course, get re-certified as a counselor in Washington, and begin seeing clients again. This may take several months or years to complete and get going, but becoming aware of its importance will help.

There. Those are my five things. I am curious to know if they will change. I noticed just now that I did not put any thing about my Spiritual life in that list. I just scrolled up and re-read it and realized that my Spiritual life is very connected to my relationship with healthy living, the natural world, and myself as a healer. I wonder if Spiritual Living is not the umbrella priority that either will be met with the other things being met, or vice versa? I guess I will add it:

6. Nurture my Spiritual Life. This includes meditation regularly, writing, being aware of my hearts’ desires and speaking my truth, acting in tolerance and acceptance and non-judgment, and living in compassion.

This is exciting. I will keep you posted on how its going!

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  1. Making lists especially priority lists can be very useful in clarifying where we stand what are goals are, where we are headed. Congratulations on your list… it is very telling of what a wonderful person you are!

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