New Facebook Group!

I like my forum. I do. It provides anonymity and an organized way of finding topics. However, it’s brand new, and very quiet over there…let’s listen…


See? Now I KNOW it’s not because as soon as y’all joined the website and became a member all your parenting concerns and joys just disappeared.

I suspect instead that it’s just dang hard to develop a new habit of going to a new place on the computer, and feels kind of vulnerable to make a post there with practically no one listening.

I get it. I really do. I have trouble remembering to go check it sometimes! SO I TOOK IT DOWN. This little community isn’t ready for that.

So what I thought of was this, in instead of the forum:

A new (secret) Facebook group. Secret for as much safety and anonymity as possible, rules for confidentiality and zero-tolerance for breaching confidentiality, bullying, judgement and disrespectful dialog, and a place for members to interact so this community that is my vision can begin to develop.

If you are interested…please let me know. If you have signed up for my newsletter, I’ll just add you, and if you’re not, then do it! What are you waiting for? Make that happen for you, and you’ll be all up in with the cool kids soon!

Keep a look out for a new video coming soon too!

Take care, be well,


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    1. Absolutely! There’s not many folks there yet, but let’s get things started! I’ve sent you an invite via email. 🙂

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