My Favorite Pair of Shoes (for March 3rd)

Day 3 of the Month of March photojournal

I like my shoes. It was not easy to pick. I was about to go with my grey Chucks but then saw that Shannon did that (which is so cool! I have several pair of Chucks, but the grey ones are my favorite of them) so I picked my OTHER favorite pair of shoes (I have maybe six favorites. I mean, how can you choose really? They all serve different purposes and different styles and different needs. But in the end I did have a winner.)

These are my Badass Boots. They are also very comfortable, pull on easy, and I can wear em with jeans or tights and a mini.

I’ve had them for a few years now, and they are still holding up well.

I bought them with a gift card to Macy’s that was given to me by my then boyfriend’s mother…I loved them on sight and was holding my breath as I tried them on because my life long lack of luck (say THAT ten times fast!) usually means that the shoes I love don’t fit well. But these did. Lucky Brand indeed.

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