Empathy, Discipline, and Connection With Your Child (45 minutes)

Do you ever ask your kids to do something and get ignored, triggering an escalation of frustration and anger leading to raised voices, tantrums and tears (yours and theirs)?

Why is discipline so hard? Any parent can tell you multiple stories of when a simple request turned into a major meltdown. It happens to all of us.

But is there a way to look at discipline differently and learn how to approach your kids in a way that can lead to more connection, respect and cooperation rather than more drama?

Yes, there is! And I am happy to share what I know with you in this pre-recorded webinar.

You will learn:
– A new way to look at discipline
– Why empathy is essential, and how to use it
– 3 key strategies to avoiding fights with your kids
– Skills to use with all relationships to improve communication

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