Last Item Purchased

A photojournal for the month of March

Well…it says ITEM, and since the last money I spent was for a SERVICE (and because I used that photo for the previous post) I had to go look in to see what the heck last ITEM I purchased. It was a few days ago and it was this:

No, not the guinea pig. That’s Xander (named after the character in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Of course.) I bought Alfalfa Hay, Dog Food and Cat Foot the other day. But since I’ve opened and dumped the kibbles into their respective bins, I only took a picture of the hay.

Xander was my mom’s piggy. Every morning she’d get him out of his “penthouse” as she called his cage, and hold him and feed him fresh veggies while she watched the Today Show. He was well loved.

He doesn’t get as much attention anymore, unfortunately, but he’s decided his new favorite person in the world is Rob. Who has renamed him Pimp. “Yo, whatup Pimp?” he says and Xander responds to him with bravery and affection even.

And Xander the Pimp loves his Alfalfa Hay.

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