1. For me, it’s about finding something I love “out there” …. a.As a kid, I didn’t actually *like* going outside; my parents had to force me. Never been camping, never want to. But I love animals and flowers and trees, and that’s my motivation. So I’ll go out if it’s a visit to a huge garden, or a day at Disney, or something. But just to sit by a lake, or sit on the beach baking and doing nothing, nope.

    • Really good point Shepherd!
      I honestly didn’t think about that and you’re right. I see you as someone that definitely loves nature, but not the uncultivated wild kind.

      I wonder if your parents had been different, and more attune to you, could they have nurtured that love by taking you to conservatories, gardens, and fostered your passion for beauty and color instead.

      Thanks for the reminder that not all kids are comfortable or interested in the kind of “get outside” that I’m advocating here. And that there are other ways to connect to nature that speak to each of us.

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