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I have had a lot of really difficult things happen in the last ten years.  A lot of stress and emotional challenges that have knocked me off my feet somewhat. And in the process of healing, I notice that what I can tolerate in my life matches my internal state of being. My energy finds resonance with other energy that “matches” it. This can be described at Harmonic Resonance:

Everything living and non-living is in a state of vibrational harmonic resonance. The universe was created through frequency patterns and it continues to expand. What we call matter is now understood to be energy that is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Electrons are always moving and vibrating.

All matter generates electrical and electromagnetic energy fields at a precise frequency. When the frequencies between two or more sources align, or match up, we say they are in a state of vibrational or harmonic resonance.

In my graduate program one of the things I learned was that our bodies emit energetic vibrations, or electromagnetic fields, that resonate or not, with the other EM fields we come into contact with. Like music, the rhythms and vibrations are either harmonic or discordant, and our systems react to those interactions. And we tend to entrain with those we are around frequently.

So is there  a “better” or “worse” frequency to be at? Yes and no. Everyone is an individual with their own signature tempo and rhythm. That isn’t bad or good…it just is. Sometimes people “rub us the wrong way” or you might say, “I am cut from a different cloth.” We naturally gravitate towards those that we find “harmony” with, and away from those that don’t.

However, the frequency does seem to correspond with our physical health, and in that, one may find a  “healthier” or “less healthy” vibration.

In this article, the work of Dr. Gary Young is referenced, finding that measurements can be made regarding the vibrational level we operate from. He found that the higher the vibrational frequency, the healthier the body. And the lower the vibration is the more common illness and disease is:

He measured the frequency of the cells in the bodies of patients at his medical practice and correlated the measurements with whatever ailments they had. From this he was able to determine that the normal healthy range of the human body is 62-68 Hertz. At this level and above, nobody had any ailments at all.

Everyone who had a common cold had a cellular frequency of 58Hz or less; for flu it was 57 Hz or less; candida symptoms began to appear at 55 Hz, for Epstein Barr virus it was 52 Hz.

Everyone he measured who had some form of cancer had a cellular frequency of 42 Hz or less. Clearly, high frequency cells correspond with better health and ideally everyone should strive for a frequency of at least 62 Hz.

We can raise or lower our vibrational frequencies by paying attention to what we eat, and the activities we engage in. Foods carry a vibrational frequency, as does nature, TV, movement, emotion, etc, so its true, literally, “you are what you eat” as well as “what you do, how you feel” and so on.   In this article about Harmonic Resonance, the author uses random numbers on a scale to illustrate:

Let’s say that a person is vibrating at an overall frequency of 200, the ideal frequency for a healthy individual. He starts eating lots of junk food that vibrates at 50. This lowers his overall vibration and causing his energy field to become imbalanced and more vulnerable to negative emotions or illness.

This also happens to people who hold onto negative emotional states. It’s a different form of lower energy, but the result is the same.

This also relates to the people we interact with, and why when someone begins meditating, or eating better, or engages in a form of healing or therapy, suddenly they find their friendships falling away as they attract new people into their lives. It is not uncommon that marriages often dissolve when only one spouse engages in deep personal growth, or a dramatic change in lifestyle/health for the better. What is happening is that his or her vibration is increasing and the interaction with people that used to “match”  or find resonance, now no longer do. This may result in emotional stress for one or both parties involved, and possible illness as the  the higher vibrational frequency may be pulled into a lower range.  Of course, the opposite can also happen, where the party with the lower vibrational frequency can increase the level by improving emotional/physical health to find resonance again.

How does this relate to me, now?

I was thinking of this because I find that as I heal, and as I choose healthier foods and “come back to myself” after a series of pitfalls that drug my vibrational frequency down, I have much less tolerance for different energies that I interact with. I find it stressful to be around certain types of energy, and I become irritable and I realize my system is in a state of dissonance. As I grow, my vibrational frequency elevates, and I naturally seek out those I find resonance with, and need to minimize my interactions with those who carry a lower frequency. I am no fun to be around when I am surrounded by energy that doesn’t “feel good” to me.

I’m up for some “Healthy” Vibrations!


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  1. Hard truths, hard won, Dylan. And well articulated. I’m reminded over and over again about the need as i get older to honor my Ordo Armorum. It essentially reminds me that I must often make the forced choice between what I love and what I love most. People, places and things have to at least make it into the Love category these days.

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