Git ‘er Done!

I have new resolve to get my goals met. In order to do this, there are a few things I’m setting up for myself. Here’s my list in case you are wanting to prevent yourself from being your own saboteur:

1. Get support. Maybe this is a special group with the same goals, maybe this is a sponsor, maybe this is your sweetie or a best friend. Find someone to help you be accountable. I have a group online, my own sweety, and my local CrossFit community to help me with mine. I have wondered before if I could have too much support, but I don’t think so. As long as I’m accountable to at least one person for everything, the others are there to catch me when I fall.
2. Clean house. I just finished with mine. I don’t know about you, but when my house is cluttered, dusty and swimming with globs of dog fur nothing gets done. I don’t plan my meals (Ugh, just get me the Nutella and a spoon please…), I don’t cook (Are you kidding? Too many dishes in the sink…), I don’t eat at the table (I can’t even see the table underneath the mail, empty boxes reminiscent of Amazon packages that arrived last week…and the week before…), I don’t write (Where is a pen? And for that matter, where is my notebook?), I don’t read or meditate (who wants to snuggle up and/or get peaceful in a stinky house?), and I certainly don’t dance in my living room (’nuff said.) Basically, when it is cluttered and dirty I stare at various screens and numb out.

Now that I’ve got those things taken care of I can get to the business of meal planning, shopping, cooking, dancing, reading, writing, meditating. That’s it. My list of TWO THINGS.

I feel so good right now.  Lists made and things crossed off them, sweaty from my efforts, and motivation to keep at it this week. When I feel good, I want to treat myself extra special. It will be easier to get to the WODs, eat well, enjoy my dogs and especially enjoy myself.

What do you do to get yourself going? What can you do to support yourself to meet your goals?

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  1. Thanks for writing this up, Dylan.

    Nice list, simple, short and to the point! This really resonates with me right now as I feel I’m struggling with both items. Which is a good reminder that something simple isn’t necessarily easy.

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