Workshop: Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

Learn how to bond with your baby, and why it’s important!

Bonding and attachment reduces rates of child abuse, postpartum depression and the stress of the fourth trimester (birth to three months of age).

More than simply “falling in love with your baby,” bonding and attachment is a biological and neurological process that changes, in measurable, physical ways, the neurology of mother, father and baby.

You can start that process before your baby is even born!

Did you know that studies show prenatal bonding can reduce labor time and minimize obstetrical interventions?
It also helps optimize bonding and attachment after birth, resulting in babies who cry less, have less trouble breastfeeding and sleep longer.

In this class you will learn:

  • What your unborn baby needs emotionally
  • The ways your unborn baby can learn
  • Games you can play with your unborn
  • The importance of making a connection and how to strengthen it

In a small group with other parents-to-be, you will be able to experience the miraculous world of emotionally connecting to your unborn child, and get their lives, and your family off to a great start!

This class is appropriate for expecting parents, at any stage of pregnancy.

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Members: $30/individual  $35/couple (Join the community as a full member for $9.95 to get the discount)
Non-members: $40/individual  $50/couple

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