Transitioning to Parenthood

So…you’re going to bring a baby into your family!

How exciting!

But how to make sense of all the information coming at you from all directions? What if you aren’t even sure what’s important enough to discuss and decide?

There is so much to sort through, to learn and to know. And you want to get it right, and not screw up your kid while you figure it out. Everyone always says “There needs to be a Parenting 101 class before anyone has a child!” Well, there IS. Consider this the pre-requisite course for transitioning into parenthood.


In this class you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear about what is important to decide before baby comes, and what you can leave until later
  • Learn what the cutting edge science says about various parenting choices
  • Identify YOUR parenting style or styles
  • Learn the secret to trusting yourself as a parent
  • Identify and learn how to resolve your greatest fears
  • Gain support and strategies to face the multitude of opinions and judgements you may face as a new parent
  • Develop key skills that will give you confidence and help you understand your baby

Within a small, intimate group, you will have the chance to explore your ideas, your concerns and fears and find strength and connection with others in the same phase of life that you are.
New Parents

This class is appropriate for pregnant parents, and adopting parents.

***This is NOT a Childbirth Class***

Wednesdays, March 9 – 30, 5-6:30pm

Members: (Membership is $9.95 for a limited time, click here) $50 for individuals and $65 for couples

Non-Members: $75 per individual, an additional $15, bring your spouse!
Space is limited!

Contact me to register and I will send you a link to make your payment and information about location.