Being With Baby: Ongoing Baby Class

Tired of the “mommy wars”?

Yeah, me too.

Whether you use Baby Wise, or Attachment Parenting, whether or not you chose to circumcise your boy, breastfeed or bottle (or both!), co-sleep or relax into bed with your babe down the hall…this class is a safe place to explore the similar issues we all face as new parents. Bring your Baby!

Games and songs for infants
How to respond to your baby’s emotional cues
What’s most important about being a good enough parent
(And what does it mean to be a “good enough” parent?)
Why it’s important to nurture your marriage, and how
How and why to play with your baby

I teach this class ongoing, for just $10 per visit. You need to register however, so please contact me first so I can get a sense of how many there’ll be – if there’s more than a few of you I’ll have to find a bigger location.

I look forward to meeting you!