Is your child struggling?

The day my daughter came home from school in tears because some girls had been being really mean to her sent me into a spinning frenzy of worry. I worried that she was being bullied and if it was affecting her self-esteem. I even worried that maybe she was bullying others too, and I just didn’t see it. I worried if she would be successful socially, or if she was awkward and doomed to be friendless.

Luckily, my worst fears never came true, and now she is a successful, happy young adult. But I remember those years, like they were yesterday.

I know you want your kids to do well and succeed, and if you’ve gotten evidence that something is “off,” you’re probably worrying, and wondering what can you do to help.

Are you noticing changes in her behavior that concern you?

Are you getting feedback from teachers that your wonderful kid is having trouble listening or sitting still?

Have life circumstances presented your child with an uphill battle, and you’re worried he’s going to be forever changed and damaged from it?

Or maybe there’s something else going on. boy-694763_1920

Maybe you’re worried because your family is going through difficult changes, or grieving the loss of someone special.

Maybe you’re frustrated that your child resorts to hitting and can’t seem to calm herself down enough to be reasonable.

And, perhaps your biggest fear is that seeking help will lead you down a path where there’s no turning back and ends by medicating your child.

I’ve talked to so many parents who want help, but are scared that all they will get is a prescription for medication for their child.

I can’t promise you that that won’t happen. Sometimes that IS what works best, and if it is, I can help you find the right person for that.

But I also can promise you that when I’m working with your child, I’m going to spend time really getting to know him or her, developing trust, while also getting to know you and your family. I’m going to start by seeing if there are any skills I can teach your child that will help her, and if there’s anything I can teach you about how to approach conflict – including managing your own feelings and actions – and give you tips and strategies and guidance to increase the harmony in your home, as well as confidence in your parenting.

I’m going to provide a safe, confidential, kid-friendly playroom where your child can learn to express emotions in different ways, through playful interactions, and exploration with drawing, sand play, and safe, active aggressive play (think foam bats and punching pillows).

More often than not, medications can be avoided.

I want you to feel safe to get support. No one needs to be sitting with concern and worry whegirl-518517_1920n there is help available. I did have enough support when my daughter was little. I’d drop her off at a classroom, having to peel her crying little self off of me, and then run to the school counselor’s office, or to my friend, where I’d take my turn to cry, get reassurance and guidance.

You don’t need to be alone with your worries. We all need support.

I’m positive you love your child, or you wouldn’t be here. You likely are a very good parent, but aren’t really sure what the next right move is…each age is all new territory, and you’re trying to avoid the judgment and criticism from strangers about each parenting decision you make.

I can help your child, and I can help you. Together, we can sort out the unique needs of your family and the individuals in it.

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