Are You Sabotaging Your Goals?

I have to admit, after reading this article from Breaking Muscle, that I haven’t been totally honest with myself about how hard I try. I think I make it look good, I talk a good talk, but there are some factors that after reading that article I have to really look at and say, “Hmm…am I deceiving myself?

Like number 8: “You’re only active three days a week”. Well, sometimes not even THAT? I go to the Box for an hour, maybe twice a week, and then do a LOT of sitting.

And number 1: “You eat the wrong foods or are on a ‘diet'”. Well, I’m not on a diet, and I eat a very healthy diet most of the time, but I am beginning to admit to myself that I eat too much of that healthy diet.

So I’m seeing ways I don’t reach my goals because I’ve been in denial. And now that I can see that I have re-committed to REALLY making change. To show up for myself, lovingly and with determined compassion, so that I can get where I want to go.

I think that can be true of any goal, or any intention…it’s easy to talk yourself into feeling you’re doing enough and then blame other factors when it all doesn’t turn out the way you want. With professional goals, with daily routines and practices meant to improve our lives (studying, meditation, reading from an actual book, putting the devices away) and family goals like getting outside with our kids, playing together, and again: Putting The Devices Away.

And then when we get a low score on a test or grade in a class, or our kids are not doing well behaviorally or in school, or we find our attention limited and difficulty focusing….are there other reasons why? Are there things we can change that we don’t want to change, or are telling ourselves they aren’t important, or that the tiny change made was enough? Sometimes it takes some effort, and some painful realizations, and some willingness to give up a comfortable routine that isn’t helpful, in order to make positive changes. Are you ready?

What do you want to have change in your life? What do you want to do differently and what is keeping you from getting there?

Grounding in the Wenatchee River

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