About Dylan


I have spent over thirty years helping grown ups understand themselves and the young humans they love so much.  During that time, I have done much of my own healing and growth, prodded the depths of who I know myself to be, and discovered more than I thought. I’ve found ways to connect more deeply in relationship, with myself, with the earth, and with Spirit, as I understand it. And I continue to grow, stumble, regain balance, grow again.

My journey, professionally,  started with a multiple-family babysitting business in high school, followed by work in a daycare and as preschool teacher throughout my 20’s when I also became certified as a doula and worked with parents bringing a new babies into the world. I found a passion for learning about early development, the birth process and how it can affect us our entire lives.

I gave birth to my own daughter in 1995, and learned a whole different aspect of what it is to be a parent as I stayed home with her for four years.

After that my path took me to graduate school where I earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology, studied Marriage and Family Therapy and specialized in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, leading me into couDSpradlin-8617nseling and trauma therapy. I have experience specializing in trauma for all ages from my work at a crisis center for domestic violence and sexual assault, and play therapist in private practice.

Through my compassionate, sometimes silly, unpretentious way of being with the families and individuals I have worked with, I improve the lives of individuals as well as my community as a whole, locally and globally.  This feeds my soul and brings radiance to my life. I enjoy teaching classes, and leading workshops and speaking to groups, and hopefully learn as much from you as I offer whatever wisdom I have gleaned from my own journey.

When I’m not working, I spend time at home where I find my serenity spending time with my wonderful husband who makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, managing my furry family (two dogs and a cat) and hanging out with my college-student daughter who I am so very proud of, but don’t see nearly enough anymore. I love to run, practice yoga, and spend time in nature. I am active in the community theater locally, and look for the whimsical in every day.

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