I know you.
You live a natural, wholesome lifestyle and you value your spirituality and alternative view of the world. You hold compassion and respect in the highest regard. You love nature, organic cottons, and simplicity.

And you’re pregnant.

Which means you might be getting pressure from your own mother to make choices in childbirth and parenting that just don’t feel right. You’re freaked out by the well-intentioned horror stories from your friends, and confused by the conflicting advice from experts.

Where do you turn?

Are you up nights with “what-if” scenarios running through your head? Do you wonder how you can fulfill your intention to bring this soul into the world in the perfect way, with as much bliss and consciousness as you can provide?

You have a vision, or you wish you knew what your vision was, of childbirth and motherhood. But it is so daunting when faced with the current mainstream fear-mongering information! Don’t you wish you could just put a protective bubble around yourself so you can have the birth of your dreams?

I can help. My experience as a labor and birth doula, my work in the clinical field of prenatal and perinatal psychology, as well as my status as a priestess and healer is what you need to guide you with tools, information, and spiritual wisdom that can guide you through your pregnancy, delivery and your baby’s birth, into motherhood with confidence, joy, excitement and the ability to trust yourself, and trust your baby.

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