Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your family life?
Maybe you’re tired of the yelling, crying, rushed schedules and the normalized stress level in your daily life.

You’re looking for ways to cultivate peace, calm, confidence and strategies to avoid the pitfalls our modern-day culture.

It’s time to slow it down, let go a little bit, and learn why it’s okay, and even beneficial, to turn away from all the busy-ness.

I can help you and your children move through the events of the day with more heart-centered awareness and greater connection between you. I can offer you language to use to communicate more effectively with your children, and insights about what they need from you.

Begin by choosing from my offerings: kid’s and family yoga (available mid-October); personal mindfulness instruction for the whole family or sign your kids up for a series of classes; or contact me directly to find out more about my playful wellness consultations – one on one services to guide and improve your family life, help you understand your infants, toddlers and children, and open up the communication between you.