Are you stable, healthy, and still just find yourself doing the same things over and over again, and wonder why you can’t stop?

Do you devour the latest books (or have them stacked on the nightstand) from the Wise Truth Tellers hoping to glean some wisdom and inspiration to help you live more fully?

I get it, you are eager to learn ways to live more deeply, with a more connected life and it’s your time to grow. You’re ready to tackle the hard stuff. Maybe you have kids that are showing you – sometimes too clearly – where your shortcomings are, or maybe you’re seeing yourself in new ways and just are Ready To Heal.

Let’s do this then.
Start by picking up my FREE VIDEO  that will share the Six Self-Care Contracts that I learned about in my 20’s and have kept for over half my life. These were developed by Elaine Childs-Gowell in Seattle, and used in the personal growth and therapy groups I participated in. These contracts are statements of care that you commit to keeping for yourself, but they are made to be broken – and used as a pathway to identify and heal the unconscious mistaken beliefs we all carry, that drive our behavior and words.

These are not some quick easy fix.  They are meant to be guidelines for the Hard Work, that I know you’re ready to do.

It’s possible.

You can do this. You have learned so much, and become aware of so much, now it’s time to put it into practice in your daily life.