Are your kids driving you bonkers?

Are they fighting with you? With each other? Are they begging you to play with you and that’s the last thing you want to do?

Are you irritable, running on empty, worried that you aren’t able to provide everything your child needs?

You have everything in place for a family that works, yet there seems to be a constant underlying tension that won’t go away.

Does that make you a bad parent? 

You might wonder if the source of the bickering and irritability and stress in your family is because you just can’t give your kids the attention they need. Is it your fault? Is it theirs?  

You want to stop plugging them into screens (it is so much simpler!) and have more peaceful, playful interactions. But it seems so out of reach.

There is a way to settle the chaos, calm the stress, and live more playfully and peacefully. 

How do you get started?

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I’m Dylan, and I specialize in play, and children, and families. You can learn more about me, here.