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We are bombarded with society's ever-conflicting rules of how to live well. It's very stressful to strive for optimum health with no clear guidance on what that is.

As a parent educator and family development specialist, I offer compassion, humor and insightful ways to nourish the life you have, and identify and resolve the struggles that are holding you back.

Kind Words

What Others Are Saying

  • When my son was having nightmares while my husband and I were going through an emotional upheaval in our marriage, Dylan helped me brainstorm how to calm him and myself so that he could stay well. She helped me find ways to strengthen my whole family while improving our emotional literacy.

    - Lilli R.
  • Dylan is very real, transparent and honest. She has always been a great sounding board without judgement.

    - Hilary M.
  • I was having tremendous worries over my son and his struggles with depression and suicidal tendencies. Dylan was quiet and thoughtful as I talked it through with gentle suggestions and comfort. She has a passionate, HUGE heart.

    - Carrie
  • Dylan is empathetic, knowledgable and insightful.

    She is one of the kindest souls I have ever met, and constantly strives to create an understanding with all of her conversations with others, even when they might have differing opinions. Dylan has always had a listening ear if I ever have trouble. She is empathetic and compassionate. Everything she does is out of love. I feel blessed to know her.

    - Keisha E.
  • I felt comfortable enough to not only come out to Dylan about my sexuality, but to have a wonderful, open, two-sided conversation with her about sexuality and gender and the remarkableness of both. I never felt like her questions were invasive, and I talked to her as if I potentially had the conversation with my own mother, as well as a good friend. I felt safe.

    - Anonymous
  • Dylan shows great empathy, kindness and compassion.

    - Roxanne
  • I was in an abusive relationship and Dylan listened without judgement and shared her wisdom. She remained available and supportive even though it took me a while to disentangle. She helped me find my strength and courage to leave.

    - Darlene
  • I am typically very shy and hesitant about opening my heart to anyone. She took the time to gently ask me about what was going on with my circumstances regarding my children and divorce, and I found myself sharing all of my fears, worries, tears, insecurities, and just did not know if I was doing the right thing. She reassured me about my parenting abilities, what I have accomplished so far and how everything would be more than ok. She suggested many strategies to me and they really helped us get through those tough months. I wish I was a more eloquent speaker and a person with better words, but I hope this sincere testimonial shows a little bit of that incredible bright light that Dylan is.

    - Carrie M.
  • Being a parent is hard and trying to find the right approach for what’s best for you and your child can be difficult. I remember being at my wits end when it came to tantrums being thrown by my two-year-old (and by the end of it me as well).Dylan suggested I ask him why he’s so upset. Something so simple. But something I never thought about before.  That bit of advice it has changed the relationship between me and my son. I am so lucky to have someone in my life that can give such wonderful suggestions so gently, and easily!


    - Leah M.

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What Children Are Teaching Us

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Child-Led Play: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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Parenting can be as overwhelming and confusing as it is rewarding and joyful. Most of the time, with luck, you experience the ups and downs of daily living with confidence,and get through the challenges eventually with advice from friends, parents, or just sheer flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants trial and error. Occasionally, however, you’ll have a bigger issue. An issue that you know, deep in the pit of your stomach, that you need professional help with. Baby not sleeping? Is your daughter being bullied at school? Son becoming distant and apathetic and you just can’t reach him? Maybe you and your spouse are fighting, or you struggle with yelling too much and you know, you just know, that you’re damaging your kid for life (you probably aren’t, but I really do understand that fear.)

My unique understanding of family dynamics and infant and child development supports my specialization with younger children and infants, pregnancy, and parenting concerns, birth trauma and parenting the adopted child.

I am not a mental health counselor or therapist. I am a parent educator, and family development specialist.

I work with you to understand how to support yourself and your child now, and in the future.

I teach you, the parent, how to play and interact in emotionally supportive ways, and how to set – and keep -boundaries without disrespecting your child, and how to teach kindness without compromising your authority as a parent. Parenting is a wholehearted practice, and I can help you power up the joy and connection.

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